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Marbles made ​​in italy


When rocks and stones are worked they can become anything.
From the drawings and the desires of each client are created products handmade by expert artists.


Marbles and precious stones are a family business and Russo Marmi in Piano di Sorrento, first with his grandfather and now with his son and grandson, has been continuing for 3 generations this work of dedication and deep knowledge of raw materials.
The company works and transforms stones and marbles in cosy and bright environments and in pieces of furniture that leave their mark and distributes the products throughout Italy and abroad.
The good knowledge of the quality and the secrets of marble, granite, onyxes and stones have allowed Russo Marmi, over the years, to refine the techniques and specialize in both the production and the distribution, with a focus on creativity, used mainly to create lamps and home accessories in marble, ceramic and terracotta.
Everything always starts off with an idea that becomes a design and which then the artisans and workers of Russo Marmi transform into a finished product. Based on customer requests, the creations are made ​​by hand or by using the best machinery of precision and according to the drawing/design Russo Marmi always offers customized solutions.

Russo Marmi a Chicago

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Russo Marmi s.r.l
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Phone: 0818786903
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