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Years of work and knowledge of the raw material has taught the Russo Marmi group to treat many different materials and mould them according to the customers’ demands, offering more customized and unique solutions. The products of Russo Marmi are lead free and all accompanied by certificates of guarantee.


Extracted from quarries all over the world and especially from the quarries of Carrara, the marble is worked according to traditional techniques, with the help of the latest technologies that lead to the production of slabs and pieces that can reach up to 30 cm.

The leading product of Russo Marmi is the classic White Sivec, essence of luxury and elegance of the marble itself.

The range of colours is very wide, ranging from the classic white of Carrara to the Travertino Rosso. These are just some of those available; the different variations and shades are recommended and chosen according to the type of work to be done:

 White arabescato                  Cream marfil                Green Guatemala                Trani
 Calacatta                              Black portoro               Azul Macaubas                    Siena Yellow
 White sivec                           Black Venetian             Red Verona                         Roman Travertine
 White p                                Black Fossil                  Botticino                            Walnut Travertine


Granite is a rock very widespread in Italy, especially on the Alps, in Calabria and in Sardinia and Russo Marmi works it to use above all in public buildings. Due to its conformation, in fact, granite is very useful in the case of large supplies and to create products intended to last intact over time even after endless reminders.

It is worked on tones that range from Rosa Beta to Nero d'Africa and amongst the available colours we can also find: 

Red Marinace             Green Marinace         Labrador
 Indian Juparana            Green Marina
 Pink beta                     Green Ubatuba
 Pink Gamma                Azul Bahia
 Pink Porrino                 Black d'Africa


Translucent and with changing veins, the onyx is a valuable material that Russo Marmi uses to create unique and precious products. The particularity of this stone is that it is natural and therefore its shades are never equal but on the contrary change both over time and according to the place of the world in which it is extracted.



The stones used by Russo Marmi are tufaceous and lavic and are used in masonry, flooring or furniture works. In particular, the glazed lava stone, which is derived from the fusion of stone and ceramics from Vietri, is used to create the coloured floors typical of the Amalfi Coast and of the Sorrento peninsula, or coatings of furnishing accessories such as tables and benches, decorated with drawings made by hand by the artisans of the company.

Among the productions of Russo Marmi there are also, on request, terracotta tiles, hand-made and therefore all unique and different from each other.

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